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The Apple Watch designed the AliveCor’s KardiaBand which can read the electrical activity of the heart and produce an electrocardiogram. This device has already received and sought uses, but yesterday AliverCor presented a cooperation with the Mayo Clinic that shows that the watchband may also be able to detect a condition called hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia happens when there is too much potassium in the bloodstream. This condition can be caused by dehydration but is also com

mon in diabetic patients and those with chronic kidney disease. Left unchecked it can lead to heart and kidney failure.

Hyperkalemia has no

 readily apparent symptoms and previously was only detectable via a blood test. The American College of Cardiology conference in Florida, AliveCor CEO VIC Gundotra research showing the KardiaBand could efficiently detect hyperkalemia without a needle or blood sample.

It works high levels of potassium affect the electrical activity in the body. This dataset was then used to create an AI that could analyze a live EKG and detect hyperkalemia. Once the problem was fully”trained” researchers tested it to see if it could diagnose the problem using a different set of data. The result proved to be 90-94 percent accurate. The patterns associated with the condition are very subtle and hard for a human to detect, but it seems to be a relatively trivial matter for an AI to handle.

The company will present it to the Food and Drug Administration for approval in testing. In the meantime, the company will be conducting more research and eventually clinical trials.

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