Full HD Smart IPcam Set Indoor 1920×1080 White

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General information
Our new IP camera set has everything you need: one IP
camera with full rotatability (pan / tilt), integrated siren, SD
card recording, speaker, microphone, a door / window
sensor and a PIR motion detector. The unique IP camera
works together with the included sensors. As soon as one of
the sensors detects motion the camera triggers an alarm
and the camera will automatically move towards the sensor.
During the installation of the camera it is easy to place the
sensors on the right location in the room. This, in
combination with Full HD image quality, ensures you that
you can secure an entire room with only one IP camera.

• Activation by sensors
The set comes with two sensors, namely a door / window
sensor and one passive infrared detector (PIR). Each sensor
can be set to a position where the camera turns to as soon
as the sensor detects motion. By placing the sensor on a
smart position, you can use this set to secure an entire
room with several access points, such as doors or windows.
To fasten the SAS-SETIPC011W perfectly you can use the
included camera bracket.
• Pre-recordings of two seconds
It looks like this camera can predict what will happen
because the device starts recording two seconds before
someone enters the room. This is the result of the IP camera
recording consistently but smart as he is he will forget all
the recordings older than two seconds. Only when a sensor
detects motion the record including the previous two
seconds will be saved. So you will never miss important
events and you always have the (unwanted) visitor on
• Expandable up to six sensors

The set comes standard with two sensors that will be
sufficient in most situations. To be able to secure larger
areas or more difficult situations perfectly as well, it is
possible to expand the set up to six sensors. This way you
can guard every possible entrance. Besides that you have
the possibility to add remote controls so you can easily turn
the camera set on and off.
• Free app with push notifications
This smart IP camera set includes a free app that can be
used on Android or iOS devices. The app is user friendly and
sends you push notifications when the camera detects any
movement. You can immediately watch, listen, use the
microphone to talk, rotate the camera and save a picture or
video on your smartphone.
• Image quality of 1080P resolution
With a resolution of 1080P (1920×1080 pixels) you are
secured of a razor-sharp image quality. This allows you to
keep a close eye on the entire room from one central
position. Afterwards you can view the images with enough
detail so you can see exactly what has taken place.
• Integrated siren
If the protected area is entered by intruders, you can deter
the intrudes with a loud siren. This Pan-Tilt camera has a
built-in siren with five different volume levels. This way you
can alarm attendees and local residents.

Package contents
1x IP camera
1x power supply (EU & UK)
1x metal bracket
1x PIR motion sensor (3x AA incl.)
1x door/window sensor (1x CR2032 incl.)
installation materials

Brand name: König

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